A Digital Security Guide for Everyone - A Publication by CAMECO

In an era where our professional and personal lives are intricately woven into the digital fabric, understanding and safeguarding our online presence is more crucial than ever. Following a number of advice requests from partners in the Global South and a digital safety training session conducted by Emy Osorio Matorel, our Advisor for Digital Analysis and Strategy, at AGIAMONDO's Summer Conference in 2023, Cameco recognised the need to delve deeper into personal online safety beyond the conventional cybersecurity discourse.

For that reason, CAMECO now presents a concise practical guide, written by Osorio Matorel based on her advice and training experience. It explains efficient measures and precautions that are easy to implement on an individual basis when communicating online. This guide is aimed less at tech experts and more at anyone communicating online and keen on grasping key concepts and measures surrounding digital security.

You can download the Guide and a Checklist here:

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Starter’s Guide: Fact-checking, Digital Security, Data Journalism (KCOMNET and CfA)

© KCOMNET,CfA, 2022

This publication is a practical handbook edited by the Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) on fact-checking, digital security, and data journalism. It is a comprehensive guide designed to equip journalists, citizen reporters, journalism students, and overall interested readers with the necessary knowledge and skills for responsible and ethical information practices and develop critical thinking, caution and accuracy to navigate today’s landscape of information and media.

It was produced as part of the four-year project “Our County - Our Responsibility! Telling Data-Stories Revealing Citizens’ Realities” (2020 - 2023) funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Catholic Media Council (CAMECO). 

You can download the manual here:

Practice Series

The radio listens to its listeners - Audience study guide for local radio stations in Africa

by Fernand Nouwligbèto and Sahadou Zato Ali. Illustrated by Hector Sonon

The heart of radio is its audience. Day after day, broadcast after broadcast, how to capture the attention and interest of listeners? How to propose an attractive programme schedule? How can we mobilize the community if radio does not resonate with listeners' expectations and needs? How can we attract advertisers and organizations to deliver their ads and messages without detailed knowledge of the audience and audiences?

Throughout the history of Etoile FM, the reader will follow the entire process of audience research: from the awareness of its necessity to the discovery of qualitative and quantitative methods to the exploitation of results. After reading the first four sections of this book, the reader will not fail to think:"But it's not so complicated... Now it's my turn! ».

In order to contribute to the practical application of this audience study approach, the last part of the guide offers methodological sheets summarizing each of the methods and practices covered in this "pedagogical novel".

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Energy for Radios - A Guide for Practicioners

by Michael Bycroft

“Energy for radio” is a guide to energy management for community radio stations. It supports radio managers and operators as they tackle the energy issue at their station, helping to understand the various sources and technologies of energy, especially gensets, wind and hydro turbines, solar and hybrid systems. The guide also views many other aspects requiring attention before “informed decisions” can be taken, including assessment of the energy needs, storage, protection and regulation.

The worksheets for assessing the energy needs of the stations as well as cost-effectiveness of different energy sources are available for download.

Michael Bycroft is currently post-doctoral Fellow at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin, Germany.

The publication is sponsored by the Dutch foundation Stem van Afrika.

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Managing your reputation - A Guide to Crisis Management for Church Communicators

by Jim McDonnell

“Managing Your Reputation” provides guidelines for media communications, and offers concrete advice on how to prepare for a crisis, establish a Crisis Management Team and develop a respective plan of action. In addition, checklist templates for setting up a Crisis Management Plan of Action and for establishing a Crisis Management Team are available for downloading. The revised 2nd edition includes complementary notes on the impact of social media and how to monitor them.

Jim McDonnell was Director of the Catholic Communications Centre in London. Since 2002, he runs McDonnell Communications, an Independent communications and public relations advisory service. He is also the Director of Development and Advocacy for SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication.

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Sustainable Radio

Sustainable Radio - Summary of the online debate

by Birgitte Jallov and A. Sofie Jannusch 

The handout represents a brief summary of the debate on (community) radio sustainability. During a period of ten days, over two hundred participants from thirty-five countries on all continents took part in three LinkedIn groups, simultaneously discussing in English, French and Spanish different aspects of income generation and fundraising, and thereby collecting concrete and practical examples from stations in all corners of the world. 

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Survey Report: Community Participation at Local and Community Radio Stations

Julia Fröhlich, Daniel Däschle, Andrés Geerts & A. Sofie Jannusch

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