Interculturality and Creativity – Communication Approaches of Religious Orders

Presented by Sister Noemi Bergamin, FSP (Italy), and Fr. Fabrizio Colombo, MCCJ (Italy)


Religious orders work intensively with the marginalized in the field of communication and media. This workshop will help to understand the communication approaches of two religious orders: the Comboni Missionaries and the Daughters of Saint Paul.

Interculturality and creativity are two of their key concepts, and the two speakers, Fr. Fabrizio Colombo, Comboni missionary and communication professional, and Sr. Noemi Bergamin, Daughter of St. Paul, will share what they have learnt, respectively, in the creation and development of community and Catholic media (especially radio) in digital environments, and in the production and launch of the "African Bible".

What makes this experience relevant to others?

It is important to realize that a lot of communication methods are “imported” and contents are “imposed”, as they reflect ideologies and values which do not belong to, and do not respect, local cultures. Effective communication starts with creativity and emotions, before any content, ideas and theories.

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