Street Children Advocating for Their Rights – The Butterflies Experience

Presented by Rita Panicker, Butterflies (India)


The world over, children’s news is often presented from an adult perspective. The Children’s Media Centre was initiated by Butterflies in 1996, to present children’s news from their own perspective, founded on the rights of children to expression, speech, participation, association and information.

Butterflies Children’s Media gives children a voice and the space to create their very own media, by and with children, but also for the general public. Trained in both print and online journalism, they produce their own newspaper, radio programmes, digital stories and theatre, highlighting issues and concerns neglected by mainstream media. Education in such life skills raises children’s awareness of world events, and is a tool for monitoring the situation of their rights within the country.

Butterflies Broadcasting Children (BBC) is a radio programme owned and driven by children. Facilitating adults do not write or edit content, or take decisions. The newspaper is known as Delhi Children’s Times and International Child Reporter.

Butterflies is a registered voluntary organisation working with the most vulnerable groups of children, especially street and street connected children since 1989.

The workshop provided a deeper insight into methodologies and results of Butterflies Children’s Media Centre, and stimulated the discussion about media by respectively for children.