Participatory Video – Empowerment Through Knowledge and Technology

Presented by Chris Goertz, Minibus Media (Germany)


Video is nowadays the source of information everybody can relate to. In a participatory approach, it can be used as a tool for social change, to empower (marginalised) people and make their voices heard. In combination with the internet and its social media networks, video has proven to be amongst the most popular means of entertainment and information worldwide.

However, the lack of access to education, and absence of rights to communication are still among the biggest challenges within the African continent. Media remains far from free and inclusive as we see a significant dearth of objectivity, youth or female representation. To bridge this gap, the presentation gave an insight into the opportunities and the potential of Participatory Video on the ground, as well as on Minibus Media lessons learnt over its 14 years of experience working in Africa.

What makes this experience relevant to others?

Using Participatory Video requires great care and preparation, sensitivity and awareness. Since its creation, Minibus Media has accumulated a vast amount of experiences working together with different actors of civil society and its target audiences. Our experiences and insights therefore pave the way to assist interested institutions on how to facilitate Participatory Video within their projects. To meet the various demands of our local partners, we provide tailor-made project consultancies, understanding our participants, as well as their communities.

Interested in further resources?

Find here a selection of online publications on Participatory Video from the CAMECO literature database.