Crowdfunding for Journalists – Opportunities and Challenges

Presented by Jeremy Druker, Press Start (Czech Republic)


Press Start is the only global crowdfunding platform for reporters and editors in countries where the press cannot work freely. Journalists from Honduras to Macedonia have funded reporting projects thanks to contributions from around the world, bypassing the autocrats and media moguls who often use financial leverage to control or shut down independent media.

The approach works: since the launch in July 2016, most of the campaigns have been fully funded, and half of those exceeded their goals. Ultimately, Press Start would like to revolutionize the way independent journalism is funded in the developing world and emerging democracies. One main goal is to enable both reporters from marginalized communities and/or writing on topics from the “margins” gain better exposure – even if they don’t have the contacts or language skills to normally crowdfund abroad.

The story of Press Start is complicated, full of good ideas, hard work, and some false starts. The session was an honest sharing of lessons of what worked and what didn't and practical tips that might be especially relevant for initiatives looking to scale up internationally.

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