Revitalised – Professionalised – Demanded? A Lithuanian Programme to Help Catholic Media Out of their Marginal Position

Presented by Diana Adomaitienė, Lithuanian Church Chronicle Foundation, and Donatas Ramonas, CRC Consulting (Lithuania)


More than 75 % of people in Lithuania self-identify as Catholic, but Catholic media are generally seen as niche products for a marginal audience. To improve the situation, the Lithuanian Church Chronicle Foundation has implemented a four-year-programme with the overall objective to enable the Catholic Church to reach out to wider parts of Lithuanian society. A central component is increasing the self-sustainability of four key partners, in terms of the quality of their media content, the effectiveness of their management and marketing activities, and the appropriateness of their strategic goals.

The programme manager, Diana Adomaitienė, and the business consultant Donatas Ramonas (CRC Consulting) described the process, reported first results, and talked about the specific challenges they identified in the cooperation with Catholic media. The workshop also discussed whether the Lithuanian programme could provide a model for other countries and what the chances are to help Catholic media out of their marginal position.

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