'All on Board' – How Film Training and Filmmaking is Used to Foster Social Inclusion

Presented by Julia Krojer, Weltfilme (Germany)

Downloads: enables West African filmmakers to pass on their knowledge as film trainers, and to produce socially relevant movies together with their students. Over the last two years, they have implemented the projects All on Board and Make a Difference, with partners in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Togo. The films produced in the process tell the stories of marginalized people, and of individuals promoting social change. All films are presented to a broad public via mobile cinema, at film festivals, on TV and online.

The workshop introduced activities and results, which strengthen the independent film and media sector in West Africa, improve careers and job opportunities within that field, and demonstrate the commitment of to make voices heard that otherwise might be muted.

What makes this experience relevant to others?

The film porject brings together filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers from West African countries. It started in an with Sierra Leone, and now includes people from Liberia, Ghana, Gambia and Togo. Training on the job ensures that the knowledge gained will be put to effective use. To make sure that a broad public is reached, the films are shown via mobile cinema tours in the different countries. After each screening, the filmmakers discuss the main topics to include the audience and get to know their point of view.