High priority planning for Radio CIM in Ushhorod

New station in Ushhorod develops its vision and format

Vague plans to set up a radio in the South-Western Ukrainian Zakarpattia Oblast transformed overnight into a high priority issue: the local bishop took the opportunity to support the purchase of a licence holding company for Radio CIM, and the local radio team was notified that they had to be on air eight weeks later.

CAMECO was asked to conduct a first workshop to help the group to analyse the competing media market in the region, to develop a common and concrete vision of the format and ingredients of attractive programming for the multi-cultural region. The first ideas for slogans and a marketing campaign were outlined, training needs and potential means of income generation were identified.

The roughly 1.25 million Transcarpathian inhabitants have access to a broad range of local and regional stations affiliated to either biased political or narrow economic interests of the owners. The young team of Radio CIM aims to become an alternative, with independent reporting, ample room for audience participation and feedback, contributing to a democratic discourse, while being based on Christian values.  

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