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Starter’s Guide: Fact-checking, Digital Security, Data Journalism (KCOMNET and CfA)

This publication is a practical handbook edited by the Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) on fact-checking, digital security, and data journalism. It is a comprehensive guide designed to equip journalists, citizen reporters, journalism students, and overall interested readers with the necessary knowledge and skills for responsible and ethical information practices and develop critical thinking, caution and accuracy to navigate today’s landscape of information and media.

This publication was produced as part of the four-year project “Our County - Our Responsibility! Telling Data-Stories Revealing Citizens’ Realities” (2020 - 2023) funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Catholic Media Council (CAMECO). The project enhanced the capacity of community media and youth journalists to inform and empower citizens to understand the measures and use of funds in local governance and actively participate in shaping the development in their local environment.

Each section contains a series of chapters that cover essential topics, providing the reader with a holistic understanding of topics ranging from: the fundamentals of fact-checking and debunking of false information; safeguarding digital information and protecting against cyber-attacks; and how to create accurate and compelling data-driven stories.

The content has been edited by KCOMNET’s coordination team after a series or workshop training sessions for local journalists and citizen reporters in cooperation with Code for Africa.

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