#3 Research Review available now

Sustainability: Going Beyond the Buzzword

The third issue of the publication series Research Reviews for Media Development Practitioners has been published: #3: Sustainability: Going Beyond the Buzzword authored by Michel Leroy, MEDAS 21 PhD student at Ruhr University Bochum. It focuses on the evolution of the concept of sustainability and the way it has been endorsed by the media, media action implementers and donors over time, as funds dedicated to media assistance have increased and the digital revolution has questioned most of the foundations of the media industry, with regard to production, distribution and information usage. It aims to trace the social construct of sustainability in the context of media development and define what is to be sustained, at the level of intervention (the process of change) or its outcome (the impact on the medium itself).

The publication series, Research Reviews for Media Development, has been initiated by the German Forum for Media and Development (fome) in collaboration with Christoph Dietz and Sofie Jannusch from CAMECO and the post-graduate programme MEDAS 21, headed by Ines Drefs and by Prof. Guido Kehl from the Institute of Applied Media Sciences at Zurich University. It aims to inform practitioners and researchers about the key debates involving current and emerging topics in international media development and assistance.

Published so far: #1: Feminist and Gender Perspectives in the Literature on Media and Development, authored by Viviane Schönbächler, #2: Peace Journalism: A Tool Within Media Development? by Fabíola Ortiz dos Santos.

The forthcoming issue is: Constructing Peace through Media? A Literature Review on Public Communications in United Nations Peace Operations, by Roja Zaitoonie.

All publications are available on the fome website under fome - fome research reviews and the MEDAS 21 website (asj).

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February 2022