CAMECO has been active in the Forum Media and Development (FoME) since its beginnings in 2005. FoME is a network of German and Swiss organisations active in international media assistance and press freedom worldwide. CAMECO organised various international FoME symposia, with themes such as audience research, monitoring and evaluation in media development, migrants and the media, and media sustainability. The FoME mailing list, created and maintained by CAMECO, has become the central communication platform on media development issues in the German-speaking region.

CAMECO also actively participates in international professional networks such as the World Catholic Association for Communication SIGNIS, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters AMARC Asia Pacific, the Latin American Educational Radio Association (ALER), and the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), and research associations, including the Conference of International Broadcasters’ Audience Research Services (CIBAR) and the German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval).

We support national networks and associations like the Peruvian Platform for Local Radio and Television and the Kenyan Catholic Radio Network, especially with regard to strategic planning, implementation of specific network activities, and screening of project applications.