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Participatory planning workshop for a future catholic radio network in Bamenda, Cameroon

The four dioceses of the ecclesiastical province - Bamenda, Buea, Kumbo and Mamfe - want to increase their presence through the media. They want to have their own radio station as an integrated tool for evangelization, education and Justice & Peace issues.
The German diocese of Limburg, partner of dioceses in this part of Cameroon, backs this plan.
In this respect it was proposed that CAMECO could facilitate the planning process of the radio project.
In close collaboration with the Bamenda archdiocesan communication officer a planning workshop was organised in January 2008.

Facilitated by a CAMECO representative, the workshop had three phases:

  • A two-day session open to representatives of the four dioceses and of the parishes of Bamenda diocese: approx. 60 people took part. The objectives of this first step were: collecting information on the media situation in the region, listening to and learning from experiences of private broadcasters in Cameroon and visiting private radio stations in Bamenda as well as sensitising all the dioceses to the project;
  • The two following days a group of 20 people analysed the regional context and reflected on the feasibility and various scenarios for implementing the project: a mission statement was written, a stakeholder and problem analysis carried out.
  • Based on the previous two steps, a smaller group concluded the process under the guidance of CAMECO: a concrete agenda and realistic timeframe were prepared and discussed describing the tasks to be achieved and defining the role of each participant as well as determining their responsibilities.

At the end of the workshop the conclusion and timeframe were submitted to the archbishop of Bamenda. Some days later, the four bishops of Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province agreed on the plans and decided to embark on the project as one first priority of the province.
The bishops appointed a coordinating and preparatory committee to work in close contact with CAMECO. Beginning of April 2008 a project proposal was submitted to the bishops of the province. By September 2009 the Bamenda Catholic Radio Network aims to go on air.