Workshop to develop future strategy for NISCORT

A strategic planning workshop was conducted for NISCORT – the National Institute for Social Communications, Research and Training. Owned by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), the institute in Delhi offers master, diploma and certificate programmes in media studies and pastoral communications. Under a new leadership, a process of reviewing current programmes, facilities and business strategy was initiated. The jointly planned workshop facilitated by CAMECO aimed to decide on future strategies and set priorities for further development, to be integrated into a five-year business plan.

Several experts, among them Prof. Devesh Kishore, India Today Media Institute, and  Fr. Maria Charles, South Asian Education and Culture Coordinator for Salesians, provided their expertise on the needs of the media industry and the Catholic media scene in India, the educational environment in the media field, and the specific niche NISCORT could occupy in India. Bs. Salvadore Lobo, Chairman of NISCORT and the Office for Social Communication of the CBCI, and Fr. Varaprasad, Secretary to the Office of Social Communication, supported the management of NISCORT in analysis and development of future strategies.

Four strategic areas were prioritised for NISCORT to achieve the goal of becoming a self-sustainable centre of excellence in media education:           

  •  income generation and fundraising strategy
  •  curriculum development
  •  marketing strategy
  •  personnel development  and management

In each of these fields, several concrete activities were discussed and agreed upon to improve the current performance. By the end of the workshop, a first plan of activities was outlined, persons responsible identified, and a timeline for completion developed. It is expected that the Director of NISCORT, Fr. Jose Murickan, will present the five-year-plan to the NISCORT Board by September.  /asj