Project and Strategic Planning

The majority of partners approach CAMECO in order to seek assistance in the planning and execution of individual projects. Increasingly, however, help is also requested to comprehensively analyse their work and to identify strategies to better adjust to new challenges in their environments.

CAMECO supports these planning processes by

  • coordinating and conducting planning workshops on the spot, which are specifically tailored to the respective organisations or media institutions
  • accompanying and supporting the processes of change that arise from the workshops
  • conducting further training on methods and instruments of strategic planning

Project Examples

High priority planning for Radio CIM in Ushhorod
Workshop to develop future strategy for NISCORT
Laudato TV Croatia launched
An integrated communication campaign on child nutrition in the Djibasso area, Burkina Faso
Review and approval of a 5-year strategic plan, Togo
Participatory planning workshop for a future catholic radio network in Bamenda, Cameroon
Moving beyond brochures only – new ways of working for the Enquiry Centres, India
Expansion of Kumbo Printing and Communication Centre, Cameroon
Repositioning of Rebrik
Institutional assessment of a training centre in Kaduna, Nigeria
Accompagnement à distance de la conception d’un plan de communication en Niger