Institutional assessment of the Media Service Centre (MSC) in Kaduna, Nigeria

Since the foundation of the Media Service Centre MSC  by the bishops of the Northern Ecclesiastical Province of Nigeria, more than four decades ago, the political (from military rule to civilian government) and media environments have changed significantly. For instance, prior to 1992 the existing radio stations belonged solely to either the federal government or the state governments. Meanwhile, radio stations are also being owned by private entrepreneurs, and a growing demand and number of pending applications for non-profit community oriented radio stations can be observed. Also, a vibrant video production industry in Nigeria (known as "Nollywood") started to emerge. The number of polytechnics and universities offering mass communication courses has increased.

High time to assess whether the offered range of activities developed over the past decades by the MSC, such as practical media training courses (on broadcasting technologies, computer literacy etc.), radio and TV programme productions for local stations and publishing activities, are still on track and relevant in the current context.

CAMECO therefore was asked by Cordaid and the MSC itself to manage and carry out an organisational assessment. On the basis of a participatory evaluation design prepared in cooperation with the MSC Board and management a two week on the spot mission was realised in July 2007 by a mixed team of three people (external and local experts). CAMECO and the MSC planned the assessment as an interactive process to improve in the long run the organisational motivation, performance and capacities of the MSC; their identity, activities, structures and procedures. The main result of the measure is that it served as the launching point for a planned change effort - a strategic planning process which is a prerequisite to ensuring that all the MSC's activities most effectively serve their mission. CAMECO was approached again to accompany the strategic planning process of the MSC, which is currently ongoing.