Are we doing the "right" thing? Are we doing things "right"? Evaluations answer these questions by clarifying the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of institutions, programmes and projects.

CAMECO is either approached by donors or partners to support them in realising an evaluation. The key functions of the participatory evaluations we are involved in refer primarily to planning and learning aspects as well as aspects of capacity building.

CAMECO's services in the field of evaluations comprise:

  • preparation and organisation (including the preparation of the Terms of Refer-ence, budget, evaluation design, the organisation of briefing meetings, etc.)
  • steering of their overall process and/or their on the spot realisation mainly with or in a mixed team of local and external consultants (including quantitative and qualitative methods, reporting, de-briefing, etc.)
  • supporting and accompanying of follow-ups

Project Examples

missio Scholarship Fund under Review
Comprehensive evaluation of Asian News Service
Evaluation and Technical Assessment of Radio Pacis in Northern Uganda
Information Project of the Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC), Uganda
Midterm review of Dutch programme
Feasibility Study on the creation of a national radio network in Tanzania
Institutional assessment of the Media Service Centre (MSC) in Kaduna, Nigeria