Communication Strategies

In Church circles and community organisations there are no principal doubts anymore that communication plays a key role in evangelization, empowering people, development and strengthening civil society. But how to make best use of the possibilities of the media? What communication strategies are to be used?  

To get one's message across is not an easy task. Therefore, it is crucial to clarify and plan carefully the different aspects of the communication process:

  • What are our aims and objectives - and what is our message?  
  • Who do we want to communicate with? Who are our target groups?
  • What are the best ways to reach them - with their specific needs and interests but also with their different ways of using the media?   
  • And what are the necessary means and steps to be taken?

CAMECO offers support to partners who aim at developing or improving their communication strategies. This also includes organisations and initiatives working on social or pastoral issues, who want to re-consider their social marketing or use campaigns more effectively. We also help partners to monitor and evaluate their communication strategies in order to adapt them to a changing context.

Project Examples

An integrated communication campaign on child nutrition in the Djibasso area, Burkina Faso
The new "Voice of Manyu" soon on air
Accompagnement à distance de la conception d’un plan de communication en Niger