Workshop series for national communication coordinators in Africa

Workshop series for national communication officers in Africa

In May 2008 the third joint workshop of the national communication coordinators of the AMECEA and IMBISA member countries took place in Lilongwe, Malawi, on Media Management.

Two years ago, a respective workshop was organised on Budgeting and Fundraising in Maputo, Mozambique. In 2004 a workshop on Pastoral Planning marked the starting point for this series of joint qualification measures for the two regions. The emerging pattern of offering tailor-made biennial training for national communication officers of these two regions is the result of a longer term consultation process between CAMECO and the two regional communication officers.

CAMECO was approached in 2002 /2003 by the latter to assess their training concepts. Subsequently, CAMECO recommended concentrating on mid-career and advanced qualifications directly related to the demands of national communication officers. It was further suggested that the annual meetings of the AMECEA and IMBISA national coordinators could be merged and should not only be used as a forum for exchange of experiences but additionally for training courses.