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The new “Voice of Manyu” soon on air

Board Members in front of the studio container, Mamfe, Cameroon

In 2009, together with seven partner organisations active in the Manyu Division (North-Western Province of Cameroon), MIVA/oneMen (The Netherlands) embarked on a five-year project to set up a multimedia centre integrating a radio station, Voice of Manyu, and a Community Multimedia Centre (Internet and public secretariat services). Right from the beginning, MIVA/OneMen approached CAMECO to assist them in the monitoring and guidance of the project. As a result, CAMECO was actively involved in preparing the terms of reference of the various missions, identifying experts and trainers, and accompanying MIVA/oneMen and the local partner organisations in the various decisions required for technical investment, as well as organisational and financial management.

The year 2010 was dedicated to more immediate preparation of the project, in three main phases:

  • A technical assessment of the broadcasting part of the project at the end of March and beginning of April 2010. It was then decided to supply Voice of Manyu with an "on-air studio in a shelter". In July 2010, the order was placed with the manufacturer.
  • A five-day workshop on organisational development in May 2010. The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the governance structure of the Board of Directors of VOM-CMC, and effectively guide the implementation, empowerment and sustainability of the project.
  • The VOM-CMC Board and the seven local partner organisations continued to prepare the project on the spot, taking a number of actions and decisions, such as clarifying the legal aspects, renovating the building and preparing the foundations for the "on-air studio in a shelter" and transmitting site, and initiating import procedures for the equipment. An executive manager was appointed to monitor the day to day work on the spot.

Before Christmas 2009, all equipment was shipped to Douala. The containers reached Mamfe at the beginning of April 2011. As soon as the renovation of the building and all the preparatory work is finished, the radio equipment and the public secretariat will be installed, and hopefully in September the new "Voice of Manyu" will be heard. (PH)