Capacity Building

To contribute to the partners' capacity building is the primary aim of services offered by CAMECO. Capacity building means assisting the staff and management of media and communication initiatives in resolving existing problems, improving effectiveness and performance. CAMECO aims to react flexibly to the needs of partners, usually in a continual, long-term cooperation.

Different approaches to providing capacity building services include:

  • the facilitation of workshops to realise strategic and project planning processes
  • steering of participatory evaluations
  • consultations (e.g. coaching and expert advice) to support change processes (e.g. organisational development, quality management, monitoring) and to reinforce the sustainability of initiatives
  • providing access to information resources, to experts and potential partners, training possibilities etc.
  • encouraging networks and strategic partnerships
  • conducting training (mainly in the fields of strategic and project planning ) and organising training (tailor-made courses, internships, etc.)

Project Examples

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Repositioning of Rebrik
La démarche ACNAV de formation à l’audiovisuel en Afrique
Workshop series for national communication coordinators in Africa