MEDIAFORUM Archive 1987

China: From Isolation to Communication
by Michael Krzeminski (2/1987)

China has stepped back onto the world stage. After being no more than a blank space on the atlas for nearly thirty years, it is now unveiling its long-concealed contours, its fascinating colours and ever-mysterious human face. In turn, the Christian world is also rediscovering its sisters and brothers, finding out about their past and speculating on their future. Social communication is central to the burgeoning dialogue between the Catholic Church in China and the Universal Church. However a great deal still remains to be done. The great walls of isolation and alienation have not all been torn down yet: they are still tangible everywhere, their painful effects must still be endured. But the light of a new era is dawning.

L'Eglise d'Afrique en communication sociale: Forces et Faiblesses
par Michel Philippart (1/1987)

In 1983, the first Pan-African Meeting for Social Communications was held in Ibadan, Nigeria. Preparations for this important gathering were made during the five previous regional meetings, as a direct consequence of the Vatican Pastoral Instruction on means of communication "Communio et Progressio" (1971). During the Ibadan meeting, the African Church formulated concrete lines for action to implement the recommendations of the Pastoral Instruction. Today, fourteen years later, one would like to know how communications structures were built up and operated meanwhile, and how the involvement of the African Church in communications has taken shape during this period.