May 2015 CAMECO Practice Series

Now Available - CAMECO Practice Series 03

La radio écoute ses auditeurs. Guide de l'étude d'auditoire pour les radios locales en Afrique by Fernand Nouwligbeto and Sahadou Zato Ali – Illustrations by Hector Sonon – CAMECO Practice Series 03, April 2015, 248 pages.

This publication is a guide to audience research for community and local radio stations in francophone Africa.

In the style of an “educational novel”, the story is told of a fictional radio station becoming aware of the necessity to embark on audience research. The reader follows the team of “Etoile FM”, discovering the need to carry out audience research to find ways to improve sustainability of the station. Methods and tools for conducting audience research, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, are described step by step, such as focus group discussions, community interviews, design of questionnaires, etc.

The story is accompanied by many tips and summary sheets on the various methods and tools, with the clear intention of enabling readers to carry out their own audience research.

Publication of the book is only a first step for CAMECO. We now have to plan initiatives for promoting the book, but more importantly for encouraging its use by the target public, namely, community, local and Church broadcasters (not only) in francophone Africa. The book could also serve as a textbook for workshops on audience research.

CAMECO looks forward to receiving feedback from readers/users, and we aim to collect additional material, such as reports of audience surveys, illustrating the experiences of our partners when implementing audience research. These resources will be made available on the CAMECO website.