LINKS - Funding Agencies and NGOs Spezialised in the Support of Communication Initiatives in the South and the East

Ford Foundation - Media, Arts and Culture unit (MAC) finances a wide range of media activities and offers a list of all projects approved

Free Voice, Dutch foundation which supports independent media organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America

International Media Support, "strives to provide short and medium-term support to media affected by conflict, whilst also seeking to link its emergency efforts with long-term media development programmes"

Internews, fosters independent media in emerging democracies and promotes open communication policies worldwide. Internews currently has offices and/or implements projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America

IPDC, UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication

Media Support, empowers local broadcasters and aims to disseminate lessons learned through publications, training courses, conferences and presentations

Medienhilfe, a Swiss based NGO financially supporting independent media and professional journalism in the area of the former Yugoslavia

PANOS, intends to "strengthen the ability of the world´s poor countries and poor people to communicate". PANOS offices worldwide:
PANOS Canada:

PANOS Caribbean, Central America & Washington:

PANOS Eastern Africa:

PANOS London:

PANOS Paris:

PANOS South Asia:

PANOS West Africa:

Press Now, Dutch based NGO, supporting independent media in all countries of former Yugoslavia, also offering comprehensive information on the developments of the media in that region

Soros Foundations consist of national foundations in 29 countries (in Central/Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Central America)
and two regional foundations

Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and
Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA)

World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), an ecumenical network of Christian communicators