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mediaME – media development monitoring and evaluation

mediaME is a collaborative initiative to collect and share knowledge and experience in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the field of media development. Participants in this initiative include media assistance organizations, researchers and other media and development practitioners - who engage with the project as partners, members of an ‘expert group', content contributors, and as users.

What are the aims of mediaME?
The mediaME initiative aims to: (1) Collect the knowledge and experience in media development M&E among practitioners, evaluation experts and the academic community; (2) Provide a resource for knowledge and capacity building in media development and to ensure a wide dissemination of useful tools and learning materials for media practitioners and media development specialists; and (3) Facilitate the creation of "toolkits" for assessing media, media development, and media development assistance. The online platform specifically seeks to encourage communication and collaboration among those engaged in M&E in media development,  to provide a forum for further discussion and development of existing methodologies, and to give access to existing studies and lessons learned.

What does mediaME look like?
The mediaME online platform features three sections:

  • Main areas: mediaME will contain valuable content about important areas in media development; such as training, and on learning and tools related to media types; i.e. press, broadcasting, online media, and community media. Other areas include a focus on assessing media convergence, supporting institutions, and media landscapes and audiences.
  • Themes: themes that are part of mediaME include Conflict, Democratisation and Governance, Development and Health, Media Education and Literacy, and Rights and Social Justice.
  • assessME: this section contains useful background information; for example, Theory of M&E, Guidelines, Impact of evaluations, Funding policy, Approaches to M&E, and Media Research.

With one click a list of all contents is accessible as well as an overview on all methods mentioned. The mediaME-Wiki also covers discussion forums, related to general topics as well as to each single area.

What is the background to mediaME?
The mediaME initiative grew from recognition amongst participants of a two-day conference - "Measuring Change: Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation in Media Development" hosted by FoME, the German Forum Medien und Entwicklung (Media and Development) in 2007 - that there is a need for collaborative sharing of M&E tools and experience in media development. Conference participants had included journalists' associations, media assistance implementing organizations, researchers/academics, evaluation experts and donors.

The conference highlighted that the complex contexts of media assistance require a diverse toolkit of means and methods for monitoring and evaluation, and that there is a commonly felt need for consensual frameworks that many organisations can use. mediaME is the direct response to these needs. The Catholic Media Council (CAMECO), which co-organized the conference, volunteered to coordinate the development of this initiative in the start-up phase, supported by Press Now and Thomas R. Lansner (Columbia University).

Since the conference the mediaME initiative has been developing, based on discussions with organizations and individuals, and the design of a prototype online platform using a modified Wiki format. CAMECO has liaised with a range of organisations and experts, and presented the proposed initiative to donors and interested parties; such as convening workshops during the 2008 Global Media Forum in Bonn and the Global Forum for Media Development conference in Athens 2008. Following these early beginnings, the initiative is now ready for concentrated further development according to the following timeframe: June-October 2009: development phase, and October 2009: launch of the online service.

Who is involved in mediaME so far?
The mediaME initiative has the support of a wide range of organisations. Founding members of the expert group  include individual consultants and organisations who have expertise in M&E such as Global Partners; representatives from media organisations such as South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM), Radio Netherlands Training Centre, the Deutsche Welle Akademie, World Federation of Science Journalists, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR); and academic bodies such as the Center for Global Communication Studies, Annenberg School for Communication, USA, and the School of Journalism & Media Studies of Rhodes University, South Africa. 

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